Since many American states are now considering turning of the analogue TV signal on aerials, Americans now have to consider switching to digital, or to be left in the dark. With the end of the old analogue TV signal, we are introduced to digital television, which is a revolution in the way of watching TV. The switch to digital TV will provide a wide range of benefits, with dramatically improves image quality, more TV channels and optimized digital audio.

But this transition to digital TV also means that people have to invest in new TV equipment, to avoid the dreaded black screen on the day when the analogue TV signal will be turned off. You could choose to buy a digital TV antenna that would replace the old antenna that received only analogue signals, or you could get a digital TV box that could decode the digital signals and watch digital TV.

Benefits of Digital TV
The main advantage of digital TV is the wide range of channels that became available. For instance, when it happened in Denmark, The Danes were given access to 9 free TV channels as well as 29 pay channels, to the company that the public bid for sending pay-TV via aerial.

The other big difference that could be experienced from analogue to digital TV is the picture and sound quality. The image became sharply clearer and calmer, while continuously increasing the number of HD channels. And the sound quality has been improved through Dolby Digital Stereo. The TV experience with digital TV can now almost be equated with a tour of the cinema!

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