National Geographic has named the Norwegian fjords for the world’s tourist attraction Nr. 1.

But why exactly do these Norwegian fjords have been chosen?

Fjord trips to Norway

If it is on water, on land or in the air, then Norway’s wonderful fjords can be experienced. That’s why it’s one of the reasons that National Geographic has named Norway’s fjords as a place to be seen by tourists. Norway consists of many beautiful fjords – in fact, the 11 “large” fjords, which are visited by thousands of tourists every year, are coming to experience these UNESCO inlets, which is a status they got in 2005. This makes them world heritage and therefore they are listed.

This is well understood as the fjords, with their natural beauty and beautiful geographical shapes, help to give the country and nature a delightful touch of pristine and aesthetic beauty.

Discover the fjords in several ways

As mentioned, the fjords can be experienced in several different ways – where kayak padling and cycling have become more frequent and more frequent among tourists, as it combines scenic nature with a pleasant social activity. And we are all happy about that.

Many fjord tours are arranged for the beautiful Norway, for example you can read more about here – but in reality it is very easy to arrange a trip yourself. However, it requires some planning and a desire for which fjord is to be seen, because as mentioned previously 11 large fjords, each of which has its own charm to offer.

There is nothing as peaceful as cycling a walk along a fjord and discovering the fjord from its best side. Untouched and completely and utterly unrealistically beautiful.

The fjords of Norway as extreme sports

More and more “activists” have also used these fjords and valleys/mountains to train up to various extreme activities, and it is very physically hard to trudge up and down in the Norwegian mountains in 8-9 hours a day – but that’s all worth it! For example, with a small walk of 4-5 hours in some Norwegian mountains, you can see the beautiful fjords from a completely different angle – and especially the Preikestolen has become an increasingly popular place to go. It is one of Norway’s most iconic points – and for good reason!

It is a divine and delightful feeling of standing on the Preikestolen, on a tightly fogged morning and discover how much in contact with nature you can actually find yourself.

The future of Norway

As mentioned, the fjords of Norway are UNESCO World heritage – and so visitors can take good care of nature and think about the environment and nature when you are there. So, there may be other thousands of visitors, like themselves in the future, and have the same good experience – and that is the message to Di g (reader) and others who intend to travel to Norway.

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