The buyer of your website may come from anywhere. It can be employees, customers, business partners, competitors, family, etc. and as I said, it plays a major role in the value of your website, whom you sell it to.

For ease of understanding, the potential buyers of your website can be divided into 3 groups.

  • Financial buyers
  • Strategic buyers
  • Operational buyers

There are both pros and cons of all these types, but your company may have a very different value, depending which buyer-type you are dealing with. These ideas comes from a group of website brokers USA, and are quite fitting for our purposes.

Financial buyers

These are buyers who buy your company, to recoup their money. This means that it is people who have a certain amount of wealth they want to invest in order to make it grow.

These types of buyers see your website as an investment. That is why it is for these types of buyers, more a calculation that must go up than it is something else.

For the financial buyer, things like stability and security are very important and it will therefore be what is determined how much your website is worth to them. Does it generate stable revenue and can you expect it to continue the next several years?

These buyers will generally not be the ones who will provide the most for your website, because for them it is about mathematics. The less they can give for your website, the better an investment they have made.

Strategic buyers

This type of buyer will typically be a competitor of your company or a company working in an industry that complements yours. For these types of buyers is the purchase of your website a part of a strategy that leads to a goal. The buyer therefore has some ambition, it may be to take a new market, to have some specific customers, to own a certain technology.

These buyers will often be the ones who will provide the most for your website because your website is a very important element of their strategy and it can be that there are no other companies that can do exactly what the buyer is looking for.

These buyers, have more need of your website than you need to sell it to them and it puts you in a good bagaining position.

The strategic buyer will often also experience much greater synergies by taking over your website and will have much easier to integrate your website into their existing organization.

This is why it is most often more advantageous to sell your website to your competitor than to anyone else.

Operational buyers

Operational buyers are people just like you. People who are passionate about running their own business and who therefore want to invest in something that has already started up, which they can drive on and develop.

These buyers will most often be the ones you can best identify you with, but unfortunately it will also most often be the ones who have the lowest budget, and who needs the most help after a sale.

Regardless of who you want to sell your website to, remember to consider the type and then if you are okay with having someone merely extracting profit from your hard work, over someone paying a little less but building upon it.

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