A kitchen garden in a box
The slats of old Venetian blinds can be used as grid for the kitchen garden box. They are found in many widths and lengths, and you visit a recycling store, you can probably find some at a good price. Find a blind at least 1 m long. Cut the cords and put out the slats. Cut the ends with scissors to fit your box and drill holes where the slats intersect and put them together with nails or small screws and nuts. The only problem I have found with the blinds is their weight.

When you start gardening in the spring, it blows usually. Sometimes they blow around a little because the garden is empty and does not protect against the wind. A solution is to put them firmly in the ground with a long galvanized seam with 30 cm’s spacing for each intersection. Another solution is to cover them with bricks that you can safely get from a mason. This helps to keep them down so they don’t blow away.

Fun ideas for Kids

Wood or slatted grids can be painted; It wont children to love, especially with beautiful color compositions. I most like white, it offers the best visual effect (“sad”, say children). You can also write on them (“fat”, they say). Some would like to note what they have planted. It’s fun to make guests sign the grid, especially children and grandchildren. Let them choose a square in the vegetable garden that then becomes their own. When they call, you can tell how things are going with their plants. I think that you will be calling a little more often.

Protect Your vegetable garden
To protect one or more squares in a kitchen garden against weather or pests is the first step to construct a U-shaped wireframe that fits down the squares. It is a good idea to construct flere frames of different sizes, which can be used for all your boxes. Simply build a wired cage that fits over each one. Later, you can coat the cages with different material to protect the squares from various hazards.

I find that it is easiest to build a cage of plastic coated wire fence. It can be clipped with a wire cutter, and over a hard edge it can be bent to any form imaginable. You can construct a sided wire box consisting of two U-frames or just a two-sided piece of support. There are many different types of wire mesh to choose from. The wire mesh is available in rolls of different height and length and with varying mask size.

Chicken Wire

Another common material I like is chicken wire. It is available with 2.5 cm holes or with 5 cm large holes. The smallest hole size is strongest, but also costs a little more. It also takes longer to bend it in shape, but it keeps flere pests out of the hole size of 5 cm. Chicken wire can be cut with wire cutters or a strong garden shear. Thread is sharp, wear gloves. You can buy a complete roll of 1 m or 1.2 m height. In some DIY, you can buy the length you need instead of buying the entire reel.

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