Do you want strong relationships? If you miss getting relationships where you feel at home and where you can be yourself without having to change your basic characteristics, then there is a lot you can do yourself. Here you get 3 concrete methods to create strong connections in your life.

Stand by your opinions

The most important thing in terms of opening up to more proximity is that you stand by yourself. Your emotions, needs and limits are your starting point, and you need to know and stand by if you need to have a genuine basis to accommodate others from. So you need to know yourself to get to know others. Who are you and what do you want? The more quite concrete and mundane words out can put on it, the more you will have to give of yourself when you go into new relationships. If you want help to stand by your starting point in e.g. your relationship, you can get help from many different types of professionals, but always try to sort it out first.

Communicate clearly

If you want to get into the skin of other people – and want them to come to you, you must be honest with what you feel in yourself. You must first of all be honest with yourself so you can be honest with the people you choose to open you for. Communicate clearly about what you expect and what you don’t want to find you in your relationships. Set your limits and express your needs so that people around you have a chance to understand you clearly. If you want help to communicate clearly, you can consider counseling by using online therapy

Feel where the needs come from

Other people will always have a lot of wishes and expectations for you. If you are going to be able to commit to deep relationships with others, it requires you to be very careful to separate your needs from the needs of others. If you feel that others have expectations for you, remember to ask yourself continuously what you really want. What goals do you choose to commit yourself to, and what do you choose from? If you want to have people close by, it takes care of your life energy and your profits in the switch, and it requires you to navigate to your own direction instead of the rest of the world.

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