Many small businesses are increasingly experiencing the disadvantages of trusting in-house IT infrastructure or traditional hosting solutions to accommodate growth. Not only is this system expensive, it also doesn’t always allow for sustainable growth. Currently, a number of business owners are moving to ‘The Cloud’, as this provides a much more efficient system. Suffice to say, building your ‘castle in the clouds’ might be the only way to compete favourably with the top dogs in the industry.

Everything from software as a service (SaaS) to simple and dynamic websites are using Cloud technology to provide improved service delivery to their customers; subsequently, we can say that these businesses are effectively building their own ‘castles in the clouds’.

There are many reasons why as a small business owner, you should consider Cloud technology as a more efficient option – especially when it comes to your website. Perhaps the most important aspect is the financial benefits associated with Cloud technology web hosting.

Firstly, there’s the obvious financial advantage that comes from not having to pay the high cost of in-house infrastructure and staffing for your on-site servers. There’s also the freedom that comes with your ability to choose how much hosting resources you want each time, unlike with traditional hosting methods. For instance, new businesses can set aside a small budget for their Cloud hosting needs, which will buy them just enough hosting resources to make their website available to customers. As the business grows and demand increases, their hosting budget and resources will also increase to meet with growth.  

Seemingly, most small businesses would rather rely on word of mouth to attract business; although still a very effective form of marketing, today’s digital sphere requires just a little bit more. Digital marketing, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) are crucial if you’re to kindle the interest of prospective customers in your industry.

Fortunately, Cloud hosting removes the need for big digital marketing budgets. Conducting business online has so many inherent benefits that automatically double your SEO efforts. The speed and reliability of your internet application will make for improved user experience – a significant factor that is vital to how search engines identify your website.

Small businesses will agree that flexibility is vital for success. At this level of business growth, you’ll need to be able to reduce overheads as much as possible. For some businesses, this means doing away with physical offices and having the capability to run their operations on a location independent basis. Notably, Cloud computing offers small businesses the opportunity to work from any location. Because your website is hosted on a series of interconnected servers all over the world, you’re not constrained by geography. In fact, today’s work culture has become so mobile centric that you’ll need a system which allows you to work from anywhere, regardless of location, device or platform. Meanwhile, your customers need to be able to access your resources, products and services, no matter where they are.  

While traditional hosting might not limit your reach to one geographical location, it could prove difficult for potential customers outside of your region to do business with you.

If you’ve been using a website for some time, you’ll probably be aware that the closer your servers are to potential customers, the better experience they will enjoy. Local servers mean more speed and less hassle, as well as the advantage of local SEO. While this is all beneficial, it doesn’t quite elevate your business to an international platform. Or course, potential customers from outside your location may still be able to see your website, products and services; however, the user experience will be less than optimal.

Brendan Wilde of Discount Domain Names stated that as Cloud computing involves a series of interconnected servers, your website is effectively served from the location or server closest to the visitor. This way, you’ll enjoy all the same benefits as if you were hosting at that very location. This means access to new markets, a wider reach and more chance for growth. It’s therefore no surprise that small businesses are increasingly identifying with the reliable cloud hosting infrastructures.

For small businesses, trust is vital for growth. Customers want to know they can trust you with their personal information. However, this is moot if your website is liable to flick off and on at the slightest sign of a security threat. You’ll need to be available whenever your customers require your services. Reliability issues can also have an adverse effect on how your website ranks on search engines. Thankfully, with Cloud computing and hosting, you’ll not have to worry about downtime, out of service reports and crashes due to security breaches.

Cloud hosting offers an enhanced level of security compared to traditional solutions that are open to various dangers. Therefore, improved cyber security is just one of the reasons you should seriously consider building a Cloud based business solution.

Keeping your business information safe – and reducing the risk of security breaches that can cost you huge sums of money, as well as a potential loss of customers and revenue – should be your core focuses as a small business looking to grow.

The concept of building castles in the sky has been reinvented, and even Byte Journal is also helping  businesses to build their business empire by taking advantage of the benefits Cloud technology offers.

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