Google Photos is getting an improved photo editor UI and new icon.

Google Photos is easily one of Google’s most magical and vital services, and now it’s getting a precise redesign. The app is getting a simple three-tab interface, and the map view previously located in testing is now official.

The first tab, Photos, now has larger thumbnails, auto-playing videos, and less white space between photos. The Memories carousel is also part of the Photos tab, and this section collates all the best photos over the years and highlights them. The ‘For You’ tab has been removed, and all of the content creation from there has been moved to the Memories section.

The Search Tab sits in the middle, and it offers quick access to people, places, and some of the things that were first found in the Albums tab, which has been removed as well. There is the addition of a new interactive map that lets you see photos and videos based on the area you pinch and zoom in the map. This new feature should work for users who have enabled location in their device camera or if the location has been added manually for photos. If users do not want the location to be saved, then they can choose to switch off-camera location permission in Location History.

The Albums tab is gone, but most of its functionality is still present in the new Library tab, including browsing specific folders and albums, as well as your archived photos and trash, plus a shortcut to the Print Store. The Sharing tab is also gone, but Google says that functionality can be accessed via the “conversation” button in the top left corner across all tabs.

The Google Photos makeover also includes a refreshed icon. The app’s multicolored pinwheel will be simplified to include only four colors, and the ridge pinwheel spokes will become more curved.

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