Google allows retailers to customize product data in search results

Retailers have new ways to control how their products appear in Google search results through the use of robots meta tags and an HTML attribute.
Retailers can already use markup or Google Merchant Center to specify how they want their product to appear in search results. These new ways to mark up product pages allow retailers to customize search snippets to their liking. However, Google may choose to display other on-page content it finds through regular crawling. That’s why some retailers may want greater control over how their product information appears.

No Snippet Robots Meta Tag

The retailers can now use the no snippet robots meta tag on their product pages. This tag will enable no snippets for your product. It will also remove all of the information available for your product on Google. Your product will not enjoy any free listing through this tag.

Maximum Snippet Length

The retailers now will be able to set a maximum snippet length. The feature can be accessed through a robots meta tag. You will be able to set a limit on the snippet. It will not exceed the limit specified by you. If the snippet is larger than your set limit then the product will be removed from the free listing.

Maximum Image Size

The retailers can also now set the maximum image size of their product by using the robots meta tag. You can choose any of the three options for the image- none, standard or large

Customize Product Info in Search Results

You can also use the robots meta tag to hide specific content of your product on the search page of Google but make sure that you are not using this tag on the vital information like price or specifications.

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